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When Federico from Fera Tours (www.feratours.com) invited me to dinner at a recently opened Italian Restaurant in Naples, I knew I was in for some good food, after all that is what Federico’s business is all about creating unforgettable experiences for tourists in Italy, where they do not only experience the beautiful sights of Italy with his guidance and knowledge but they also enjoy the amazing Italian culinary.


He suggested I meet him at Di Gusto (www.digustoitaly.com) a recently opened Italian restaurant in Naples, which is located at 4180 Tamiami Trail N Naples, FL 34103 USA


What I did not expect from my visit to Di Gusto is that as soon as I entered through the doors, I would “time travel” to Italy and enjoy an amazingly delicious meal, but also amazing service from General Manager, Roberto and his son Davide, in a ambiance that made you feel disconnected from Naples and connected with Italy.


Di Gusto is very nicely decorated and offers different areas, between a deli and wine market, a lounge area to enjoy wine and some “taglieri” (charcuterie boards) and their main dining room.


Federico and I sat on the dining room and right away ordered the “Tagliere Milano” which is a charcuterie board featuring the following cold cuts and cheeses: Prosciutto cotto, Prosciutto crudo San Daniele, Salame Milano, Asiago, Fontina, Gorgonzola, along with with breadsticks, roasted onions and mushroom and FRESHLY BAKED BREAD!


This was a fantastic way to start the night and it allows us to ‘pick’ on our charcuterie as we talked about our travel experiences around the world.


It was time to order our main course and I must confess, I just love a good Carbonara, so when I saw the “Spaghetti alla Carbonara” option on the menu, I did not hesitate and Federico ended up going with the same option, and it was an amazing option!

Guanciale, egg yolks, pecorino Romano cheese, black pepper made this a perfect Carbonara.  I had not had a Carbonara like this since I had visited Rome some years back and Federico agreed that it was as unique as the dishes you find in Italy, and he knows, after all he is Italian and travels there often with tourists trying different places.


Although we were satisfied from all that we had thus far, we could not pass on dessert, so we both ordered the Tiramisu and it was worth trying.  Fresh and delicious, it features ladyfingers soak in coffee with mascarpone cream and topped with chocolate powder!  YUMMY!


I can not finish a meal like this without an Expresso, so I had to have one as well!


The service was absolutely out of this world!  I have visited my restaurants in my trips to Europe and it reminded me very much of my experiences I had there.  Very attentive, caring and on top of everything to ensure that you have everything you need to enjoy your evening.


The ambiance, could not be better.  Low ambiance music, nice lighting, fresh and clean decorations that just makes for an amazing time.


Di Gusto is family owned and one of the few Italian restaurants in Naples in which all of the staff is Italian.  While Roberto is the General Manager, Monica his wife is the Chef, and Davide his son is the Restaurant Manager.


Deli:  You have an opportunity to take home the very best Italian food and selected traditional products.


Cantina:  Their exclusive winery (“Cantina”) is fully stocked with a wide range of wines – from all the Italian regions – carefully and expertly selected by Roberto. All those irresistible treats can also be purchased and brought home.

Roberto and Davide will guide you through some unforgettable tasting sessions, to discover your very own favorite wine which can satisfy your taste.


Cooking Class: You can also join Chef Monica in her kitchen for an exclusive one-hour cooking class: you’ll discover the most famous Italian recipes and learn how to prepare your very own treats. Learn the best kept secrets of International Master Chefs, while becoming a true expert of the world-acclaimed Italian cuisine.


Felipe Approved ( 👍 ) and if you enjoy delicious Italian food and want to travel to Italy without leaving Naples, FL, be sure to visit, you will not regret!



(239) 228-9414

Opening hours

Mon – Sat: 11:00 am – 8:00 pm


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visit to Di Gusto.



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