Twisted Sheep Pizza and Brew – Review

After spending a few hours on a boat this afternoon, the kids and I were starving and they asked me for pizza on the way home.

Since we were coming from Marco, I decided to stop by Twisted Sheep Pizza and Brew a place we often get takeout from but rarely stop to eat in.
We ordered the Buffalo Chicken pizza for the adults while the kids got a regular cheese!
If you have not had a pizza from Twisted Sheep, you are missing out. The Buffalo Chicken has real size Buffalo Chicken on the center of the pizza. If you ever order the Cheeseburger pizza, you get a full cheeseburger on top of it.
The place on top of having delicious and unique pizza, features some awesome art and has a fun outside patio!
Be sure to stop by soon!

Felipe Approved! (👍) and will continue to visit as often as I can!

Felipe Pereira
Author: Felipe Pereira

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