Three60 Market – Review

In my quest to try restaurants that I have not tried on the weekends with the family, we ended up at Three60 Market today!

We were looking for a place with a view, good food and fairly priced and we found it all here.

As we drove down Bayview Drive, we could tell that both Celebration Park and Three60 Market were busy, yet we proceeded to the parking lot across the street and found parking no problem.

Upon arriving, we were greeted and given menus and it was explained to us that tables are not assigned and that we should keep an eyes for one to open and grab it and then go place our order with the server. I must confess, if there was something I was not pleased with, it was the system, because as soon as a table become available and I moved in to sit down with my wife and kids, a gentleman that was closer, stepped in and took what would be our table. The staff was generous enough to help us locate another one, but running to a table before someone gets it, particularly with two young kids, it’s not my thing, but it was their system and I had to follow.

We sat down and my wife went up to place the order with the server/hostess. We had already seen the menu, so we knew what to order, which made a little easier.

I ordered the Grilled Chicken Breast sandwich which came with chicken breast marinated in basil pesto, served with arugula, fresh mozzarella and pickled onion on a parmesan ciabatta roll. It was absolutely delicious, and the combination of the marinated chicken with the mozzarella cheese and pickled onions was perfect! My sandwich came with the house chips, which were crispy and delicious!

The wife got the OMG Chicken sandwich which came with American cheese, Applewood smoked bacon, lettuce, tomato and pickle. I did not try this time, but she assured me it was also very tasty! Hers came with fries, which had sea salt on top and were yummy! Those, I did try!

My kids had the chicken breast with fries, and as a good father I had to try to ensure it was safe for them (? excuses!) and I can say I could also have had that for lunch. Crispy chicken and delicious fries!

Unfortunately we were not able to pick a table by the water with a good view, but the top deck was still a good place to sit, it was shaded where we sat with a good breeze, which made for a perfect lunch!

I almost forgot… we also got a pitcher of their sangria, which was absolutely delicious! Very flavorful and you could tell had been done a few days back and it had been sitting, which is how you should have your sangria!

Overall we had a very good time at Three60 Market! The food was amazingly delicious, the staff was very friendly, the location is awesome and pretty. Yes, the sitting arrangements are not my favorite, but I can forget all that and go back for more of that delicious food!

Felipe approved! ??

Felipe Pereira
Author: Felipe Pereira

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