Sun N Fun Sports Rentals – Scoot Coupe – Marco Island – Review

During the last day of Spring Break, after having done some many fun things with the kids in the area, we finished with a super fun activity, a two hour ride on the Scoot Coupe from Sun N Fun Sports Rentals in Marco Island.

I had initially interviewed Jake from Sun N Fun Sports Rentals last year during my “Live with Felipe” videos on Instagram, and for close to an year, I have been meaning to go down to Marco Island to ride these fun scoot coupes.

Timing seemed right to finish what had been a great three days of fun with the kids, so we booked a scoot coupe and off to Marco Island we went to enjoy it.

My 6 year old daughter was the one to ride this fun two seater with me! Mama dropped us off, we grabbed the keys and got instructions and off we were in Marco Island riding our little two seat convertible with speeds up to 35 miles an hour.

We got so many looks, from people driving and stopping down on Collier Blvd. telling us how cool our car looked, to those coming out of the beach at the end of a beautiful Sunday afternoon in Marco Island smiling away.

The Scoot Coupe was very easy and fun to drive and we drove up and down Collier Boulevard and some other major streets in Marco Island, always turning heads.

We even got Mama and Julian to try for a little on a parking lot, and they loved it!

My daughter absolutely loved it, and as soon as we returned, she wanted to know when we could do it again!

I truly enjoyed as well, it was perfect to bond with my daughter, while enjoying a nice ride in beautiful Marco Island.

I highly recommend you rent one at least for a couple hours and enjoy the island in style!

To rent one, call (239) 747-5664 or email

Also visit Marco Island Sun and Fun Sport Rentals website:

Felipe Approved ?? (Mila approves it as well, very much so!)

Check out some of the pictures from our Scoot Coupe fun below!

Felipe Pereira
Author: Felipe Pereira

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