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If you are a family with kids, you know how dirty your vehicle can get.  Kids drop half of what they are eating in the car, they walk in with soccer cleats full of grass and mud and accidently spill their juice boxes all over often.

It is not any different with our family car, which no matter how often I clean in and out, it appears that I have never done enough to clean it.


After coming across Standard Property Services, I realized that in addition to home watch, power washing and carpet cleaning, one of the services they provided was mobile hand car wash and detailing.  While I had always cleaned my car myself, I decided that I would let the pros handle it.


After speaking with the owner, Joe, for a few minutes, we set up an appointment for them to come to my house.  Joe showed up himself yesterday at the time we discussed and started to prep for detail of our family car.


He started with the interior, vacuuming all of it, dusting and picking up the kids trash from within the seats (come on guys, why do you try to hide your trash in the middle of the seats?!)  He cleaned spots in the car I did not even knew needed cleaning, like all the door jams!


Next, he focused on the exterior, hand washing the car and taking good car of areas that needed some focus, like the front grill and wheels.  Joe brought all of his cleaning materials and supplies and all I needed to provide was water.


He spent a couple hours in our driveway shining up our family car and making it look brand new!


Joe was extremely organized and detailed oriented and also ensured that I was happy with the results.


I would highly recommend Joe and Standard Property Services!


Felipe approved (👍) and the family approves of a clean car!


Standard Property Services LLC


Felipe Pereira
Author: Felipe Pereira

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