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Having a two year old boy who is obsessed with all types of cars and can name every single brand of cars that he sees is pretty fun! Except when you are on a long car ride, and he decides to name every car that drives by!

Nonetheless, I am very proud as a dad to claim my son loves cars and actually has gotten his 6 year old sister to be interested in them as well.

I must confess that I like cars a lot, although I have not really developed an interest for them until I was on my late teens. Perhaps, my interest in cars has rubbed off on them and now they both like it.

Naples is a fantastic city to love cars! So many car shows, fancy and cool cars driving down the streets, I believe that has played a role in the interest on cars that my kids have.

That is the reason why I questioned myself after visiting the Revs Institute.. “Why have I not been here multiple times before?!”

Revs Institute, which stands for Researching the Evolution of Vehicles in Society, a non-profit organization here in Naples, Florida. Truly, this place is a museum with some much history and so many amazing vehicles that takes your breath away!

The family and I headed over during spring break. We purchased our tickets online and we were off to what I thought would be a super fun time for the family, and boy was I right!

Upon arriving, we were greeted and told a little history about Revs, by these amazingly friendly volunteers! They knew so much about the history, the cars and were so eager to share with us. They also have volunteers throughout the museum, in case you have questions about a particular car, they are more than glad to help you out.

My son could not contain himself, and was jumping around as the greeter told us a little more about Revs. I was so happy to see the excitement on my son’s face!

The first vehicle we saw, it was a 1995 McLaren F1. What an amazing vehicle!

We continued through the museum looking at the evolution of cars, which took us from the history of cars in society from the early 1900s to up to today and the future! Currently, Revs has a self driving car that is operated by Google’s technology.

We loved learning about the different cars, their history and how they affected society. And I must say, there were a few cars in there that my son could not tell what brand it was 🙂

If you are a car enthusiast, this is a must visit place, but even if cars is not your thing, I would highly recommend you visit it, as through the different cars you can see how we have evolved as a society, and gives you a sense of accomplishment as humans that we have come such a long way!

The Revs Institute is opened on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays from 10AM to 4PM.

Check out some of the many pictures I took

on the Revs Institute, but definitely be sure to visit, you will not regret!

Revs Institute

2500 Horseshoe Drive S.

Naples, Florida 34104 USA

(239) 687-REVS (7387)

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