Pure Florida Cruise – Review

During the last Spring Break, the family and I put together a list of fun activities we wanted to do.

Although we considered traveling outside of SWFL to have fun as a family, we ultimately determined that there was so much to do in our area that we could have a lot of fun if did things we had yet to do and or re-do some of the things we had done before.

A Pure Florida Cruise was something we had done before, during my birthday a few years back when mom, dad, grandma and my little brother had visited from Boston. We knew this was fun, and we wanted to experience the same as family.

It seemed like a perfect opportunity for a Sunday fun activity, on the open air, to do a cruise and learn a little more about the place we live!

We headed over to Tin City, where the Double Sunshine (Pure Florida’s Cruise) was docked. From the moment my kids saw the boat, they were thrilled, particularly my 2 year old, who had never been on a boat as big as the Double Sunshine.

We waited in line for the boarding, and as soon as our tickets were checked and we were allowed in, we made our way to the second floor and sat on the very first row, as we wanted to have the best view in the house!

The horn sounded off, (kids had a blast with that) and we started to back up and turn around in the Gordon River.

We were off to our tour, which is narrated with a lot of information about the area.

The boat made its way to Port Royal and we started to learn all about the beautiful mansions and some of the history behind their owners and what makes some of the houses special.

We made all the way to the ocean, where the boat tends to go and turn around, but because the sea was rough, the captain decided it would be best to not venture out.

While Mama and I enjoyed a nice cold beer served at the boat’s bar, the kids had a couple of snacks on the way back as we cruised back to Tin City with a combination of Bob Marley and Kenny Chesney songs playing, gives us a very good vibe!

Once we got back, the boat was docked and we were greeted by the captain and the staff that thanked us for joining them and helped us out of the boat.

This is always a super fun activity to do, no matter how many times you may have done!

The sun, the ocean, the stories and information behind where we are navigating to, the exceptional and friendly service by Pure Florida’s staff makes for one of the best cruises in Naples.

We even got to see Dolphins on the way out and on the way back!

If you have yet to do one, make sure you book ASAP! Their sunset cruises are also amazing!

Felipe Approved ?? (And the whole Pereira family approves as well!)

Check out below some of the pictures from the trip!

Felipe Pereira
Author: Felipe Pereira

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