Mykonos Kuzina – Review

For about a month now, I have told myself I had to visit Mykonos Kuzina in North Naples.

I love Greek food and often had Greek food when I lived in Boston, but ever since moving down to Naples over 7 years ago, I can’t remember a time I had it down here!

Life happens and we get busy, and while I have wanted to visit for a while, time did not permit, but I actually wrote down on my ‘to-do’ list this week that it was a must I visited Mykonos Kuzina.

This morning I woke up and told my wife that it did not matter what we did today, as long as I got to visit this Mykonos Kuzina.  So she gave me a list of things to do, I skipped lunch, knowing I would feast tonight and at about 4PM, the family and I headed to Mykonos in North Naples.  An easy drive for us that lice around the area.

We arrived and parked right in front of the restaurant (there is plenty of parking) and made our way in.  We stopped and looked at the awesome outside sitting area, a really cozy and fun place to hang out!  My son, even tried the chairs and contemplated making s’mores by the fire 😂

We were greeted immediately with lots of welcomes and smiles and while we didn’t have a reservation, a table was made available to us right away!  Inside, Mykonos is super cozy and so nicely decorated with a coastal theme.

Our waitress, who was super sweet and helpful, took our drink orders and we put in an appetizer of an Olive Spread.  Pita bread with olive oil is brought up to the table and replenished often.

We also got the Saganaki, which is Kefalograviera Cheese flambé at table side.  They gave the kids a little bell for them to ring when it came out, and they turn on the fire on the cheese right at the table to melt and it makes it nice and crispy which is just so delicious!  The kids reaction was the best, from having fun ringing the bell to in a synchronized move jumping back from it (see video, it’s hilarious! 😂) Opa! Click here to see kid’s reaction video

it was now time for our main meal and my daughter went with the Chicken Kebab. Skewered, marinated & charbroiled chicken, with a delicious house tzatziki sauce and she chose rice as her side.  She couldn’t finish it, so I helped her and can confirm what she said:  “This is amazingly delicious!”

I went with something similar, but lamb skewers and served with a side of roasted lemon oregano potatoes, tzatziki sauce and pita bread.  So so delicious!  Very fresh, tasty and high quality food.

My wife went with the Chicken Lemonato. Pan seared chicken breast, finished with a caper, white wine, lemonato sauce. Served with roasted potatoes and pita bread. She loved it and I had a bite and can confirm it was amazing!

To finish it all up, I got a Greek coffee that was nice and strong, just how I like it!

Service was impeccable, with a very attentive crew, bringing what we needed right away and cleaning our table often.

Ambiance was perfect, we were a bit concerned it was ‘too fancy’ to go with kids, but no, very family oriented and super welcoming atmosphere.

Just an overall superb experience that was worth the wait!

Felipe Approved (👍) and entire family absolutely loved it and we will be back for more soon! Opa!

Check out the pictures and video from our experience at Mykonos Kuzina!






































































Felipe Pereira
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