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Working from home has its advantages, but at times, it also consumes you so much that you end up not leaving the house for many things. I have made a conscious effort to grab lunch at a local business at least once a week to get out of the home office, try something new and help a local business. It was with that intention that I went to Moura Bistro for lunch.

For some time, I have seen pictures of their delicious food and have added them to my list of “must try” and today, I moved them to the list of “need to go back again soon”!

I came in to Moura Bistro and was greeted right way, selected a table and sat down and was brought a menu right away. To drink I got a water with lemon and mint, which was very refreshing. I had seen online that they had Kebbeh Balls, a snack very common in my home country of Brazil.

Wait a minute, Brazil? I thought you went to a Lebanese/Mediterranean restaurant for lunch?

I did! For those that do not know, Brazil has one of the largest Lebanese descendant population in the world, with 3 times more Lebanese descendants in Brazil than the actual population of Lebanon!

Anyway, back to my appetizer, the Kebbeh Ball is made out of ground beef, and these football-shaped croquettes are a flavorful blend of fragrant herbs and spices, filling meat, and hearty bulgur wheat. At Moura Bistro they are served with Tahini sauce and an AMAZINGLY delicious garlic sauce! (Take a look at the picture of the awesome presentation and mouth watering experience!)

I continued my lunch with the Shawarma Chicken, which is thinly sliced pieces of chicken with vegetables and Tahini sauce rolled into a large pita and toasted . Absolutely delicious and the combination of flavors with the crunchiness of the pita make for a perfect combination.

To finish my first visit to Moura Bistro, I took the advice of owner Nabil and tried the Lebanese coffee, which is so delicious and flavorful (please do not add sugar or cream to it!) and had the Baklawa pastry, which is homemade phyllo dough filled with pistachio and sweetened with organic honey! This was an amazing way to finish a fantastic and delicious meal!

Moura Bistro owner, Nabil, who served me today, was amazing with his fantastic service and friendly and positive attitude. He actually took some time and sat down with me for a little as we discussed our backgrounds (turns out we are both from another country and both lived in Massachusetts for over 20 years before moving down down to Naples)

Highly recommended!

Felipe Approved! ??
WIll be back for more (fairly soon!)

Felipe Pereira
Author: Felipe Pereira

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