Maguro: Sushi and Steakhouse Review

For some weeks now, my 6 year old daughter has been asking us to take her to “one of those restaurants that cook right in front of you!”

She heard from her teacher that there is a goons in North Naples and ever since her teacher told her, she has been asking to go.

it turns out that we received her report card yesterday and she had outstanding grades for we third quarter and as result I decided to grant her wish and take her to a hibachi place.

Saguro Sushi and Steakhouse happens to be next to my gym, Body Trac, right at Wiggins and 41, so I did not have to look too hard for where to take her.

Upon arriving we were greeted promptly and asked if we were in for sushi or hibachi. We suggested it was hibachi (no one in our family eats sushi) and they brought us to our table by the grill. We were all excited to see a show as they prepared our meals. We went with the early bird special, where my daughter and my wife got the chicken and I got the steak!

Our soup and salad came out right away, as well as the edamame that Mama was craving. As we enjoyed our salad and soup, the chef started to make his way to our table. He rolled in his cart and started with a spatula and knife show. Next he did an egg “magic trick” as my daughter called it and started to cook our meal. Perhaps the time that scared my daughter a little was the fire, but my 2 year old was all about that!

Our meat selection was served with brown rice (you can choose between brown, white or friend rice) and veggies. It was absolutely delicious. My steak was cooked to perfection, very tender and juicy, with just the right amount of seasoning. I had some of the chicken from my daughter and it was amazing as well. All dishes came with shrimp as well, since I am the only one that eats sea food, I enjoyed all everyone’s shrimp.

Service was amazing and the server was supper attentive!

My daughter absolutely loved the experience and we highly recommend anyone looking for a dinner with a show!

Felipe Approved ?? (Pereira family all approve very much as well!)

Check out some of the videos and pictures from our dinner at Saguro Sushi and Steakhouse!

Felipe Pereira
Author: Felipe Pereira

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