Legends B&G Sports Bar – Review

It’s Spring Break, my daughter is away from her school computer and looking for fun things to do.

It is also St. Patrick’s Day, a day that many (mainly those without young kids) go out to drinks.

I decided to take a long lunch from work and take the family out and achieve both: entertain my kids while enjoying a nice cold beer!

After much debate on where to go, I made the decision that we would go to Legends B&G Sports Bar.

It was a bit confusing to my wife, why did I want to take the kids to a Sports Bar, but I told her to just trust me on this one. I had done my research on Legends B&G Sports Bar and had seen that they have an awesome place, with sports legends all over the walls, jerseys of many teams, a game room and what attracted me the most, was the fact that they had South American food and drinks to choose from, so I knew she would like the surprise.

We sat outside on a warm day, yet there was a nice breeze that made it very comfortable. There are plenty of indoor and outdoor seating at Legends, including a large bar seating area!

We were greeted right away and the waitress took our drink orders. My wife went with the Yuengling, which for St. Patrick’s Day was green, while I chose my favorite Colombian beer (at least I think it is, I did not try the other 3 options the waitress offered!) Aguila! We also went ahead and placed an order of guacamole and chips, as my daughter had a craving for guacamole for days now!

Our drinks came and so did our guac, which was absolutely delicious! You could tell that the chips were very fresh, in fact they were warm and crunchy and you could tell they were not sitting on a bag for days/months. The guac was even fresher, and absolutely delicious, with the perfect amount of lime to give a little hint of it and just the right amount of onions. We finished the chips and guac fairly quickly! The beers were nice and cold!

For my lunch, I ordered the Bandeja Paisa. Bandeja Paisa, which is attributed to the people from the NorthWest portion of Colombia. Historically, the Bandeja Paisa was considered peasant food, as farmers in the Antioquia region would eat the protein packed meal for breakfast before working in the fields. The combination of meat and carbs kept them going throughout the day. Today Bandeja Paisa is consumed in all parts of Colombia in most restaurants in the US serving Colombia food. I had originally tried Bandeja Paisa in one of my trips to Bogota and loved it, and could not wait to try to see how the one in Naples stacked up to the one I had in Colombia. This dish is served with white rize, kidney beans, pork belly chicharron, Colombian sausage, fried plantains, avocado, a steak (or shredded beef) and a fried egg on top of the rice. So much food!

My wife decided to join me with the Colombia food and went with the Colombian Burger, but she replaced beef for chicken. The Colombian burger featured chicken breast in her case, lettuce, tomatoes, Mozzarella cheese, caramelized onions, pineapple sauce, garlic aioli, and crispy potato sticks. I must confess, it sounded and looked amazed, and I will most likely try next time, but today I was set on having the Bandeja Paisa.

The kids got hot dogs and french fries.

The food came pretty quickly and I was ready to try my Bandeja Paisa, and it did not disappoint! It tasted pretty similar with the one I had in Bogota (minus the shredded beef, as I had the steak). As someone from South America, the combination of rice, beans, steak, sausage, and a fried egg on top is a something I grew up with, or at least some variation of it, so it felt like home and tasted amazing. The steak was cooked medium well as I asked, the egg and plantain was to perfection, beans were very taste and the chicharron was nice and crispy as it is expected to be! Absolutely delicious! It was way too much food and not even a big guy like me could finish it all!

The wife absolutely loved her Colombian burger as well. She said it was the perfect combination of salty with sweetness from the caramelized onions and pineapple sauce, and everything else in the chicken burger! I did not take a bite, but I must confess I wanted to have at least tried! 🙂

The kids enjoyed their hot dog and fries, in which I tried and it was very good, fluffy inside and crispy outside!

I gave Mila, my 6 year old my phone and told her to go take pictures of Legends for me, so what you see below, with the exception of the food pictures its her work of art!

We enjoyed our experience and I look forward to going back for more!

Felipe approved!??

Felipe Pereira
Author: Felipe Pereira

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