House of Omelets – Review

The family and I went wanted to grab some breakfast this morning, and I wanted to try a place that I have been meaning to visit for a long time: House of Omelets.

I follow them on all my social media, read positive reviews from patrons all the time, and don’t live too far from their North Naples location, but for some reason had yet to visit them. Today was going to be the day!

I drove the family to the North Naples location, parked right in front of the restaurant this morning and went in to try a new breakfast place! We chose a table and were sat and attended to right away! The kids began to color while Mama and I got our coffee as we waited to order.

I ordered the Greek Omelet, while the Mama got the Fruity French Toast and the kids got the Mickey Mouse pancakes. The food came very quickly and it was time to enjoy our breakfast.

I started by eating all my kids bacon, since they did not want, and it was delicious! Super crunchy and tasty, just how I liked it. I proceeded to eat my Greek Omelet, which had meet, olives, and feta cheese in it. It was absolutely delicious, with the perfect blend of ingredients, eggs and cheese. I ordered an orange juice to go with it, which was fresh and super delicious. To finish it up, I had the pancakes that come with it, which were fluffy and delicious. The size of the omelet was pretty good and with the two pancakes, I was pretty full when it was all said and done.

Mama enjoyed her Fruity French Toast with hash browns. She said it was delicious! The kids ate all of their Mickey Mouse pancake, and also said that it was very good! My son had already had breakfast when he woke up, but did not stop him from eating again!

Service was excellent, with our waiter checking on us frequently and coffee being refilled every time there was some room on our cups.

Owner Ilir came over to check on us and make sure that we had a good experience.

Highly recommended, with delicious food, very attentive service and an overall fantastic experience!

Felipe approved ??
Pereira family approved as well! ??????

Felipe Pereira
Author: Felipe Pereira

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