Cafe Brazil Restaurant – Review

We tend to go out to eat after church on Sundays and today I was missing my family and eating some delicious Brazilian food, so I drove to Fort Myers for some homey and tasty food that makes me feel as close to home as possible at Cafe Brazil Restaurant in Fort Myers.

I got a delicious picanha (best cut of meat you can have) with delicious rice, pinto beans and fries. My wife and daughter got the same but with grilled chicken.

As always, super delicious food, amazing ambiance, fantastic service and an overall tremendous experience.
Chef and owner Carlos came out to check on us and we even got a picture with him!

If you are ever craving Brazilian food or have been meaning to try some, visit Cafe Brazil Restaurant and you will taste authentic Brazilian food.

Felipe approved (👍) and highly suggest you pay a visit! I am Brazilian, so I have had plenty of good Brazilian food and this is up there with all other great ones I have tried.


Felipe Pereira
Author: Felipe Pereira

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