Bean to Cup Coffee Lounge – Review

If you love coffee as much as I do, you are certainly always looking for different types of coffees and coffee shops to try.

I always pop in different coffee shops and try coffees with beans from different countries and prepared differently.

The ambiance is always extremely important to me as well…  I like to be able to sit, relax and enjoy my coffee, as often times as I drink coffee at home, I am either working or moving about my day.

A few months back, I popped in at Bean to Cup Coffee Lounge on Bayshore Drive in Naples.

At the time, the place was still recovering from Hurricane Ian, and after a short conversation with owner Melody, I knew this was a place I wanted to return once they reopened.

I happen to not always be around this area, but when I visit a few friends in this area, I always look forward to the opportunity to visit Bean to Cup.

Yesterday’s visit was not any different.  I was with my daughter visiting my friend down around this area and he asked if I was down for a coffee… I said “sure, as long as it’s at Bean to Cup”

We drove his Volkswagen Bus down to Bean to Cup, walked in, were happily greeted by Melody and her team.

We placed our order and proceeded to sit on the back patio, which is an amazing place with plenty of seats overlooking the water.

I order a delicious a caramel macchiato and a coconut cake, while my daughter enjoyed an oatmeal cookie sandwich with marshmallow in the middle.  My friend had a coffee with a coffee cake.

All of the coffee, pastries, smoothies and everything at Bean to Cup is organic and the place is an amazing place to enjoy a delicious treat, coffee and hang out.

If you have yet to visit, be sure to visit soon, you will love it.

Felipe Approved (👍) and I will keep going back as often as I can!

Check out some of the pics below!


Felipe Pereira
Author: Felipe Pereira

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