The Llama’s House – Review

Being from Brazil, and having travelled extensively to different parts of South America, I have learned to appreciate good South American food. Aside from places in Miami that I have visited, I had yet to find a place in Southwest Florida that offered a great variety of South American dishes and tasted so delicious, until today!

I visited The Llama’s House at the Miromar Outlets in Estero, a short 20 minute drive from my home in North Naples. As I drove there, after having looked at the menu, I was contemplating what I would have, as every option in the menu sounded more delicious than the other.

Upon arriving, I was surprised that of all my visits to the Miromar Outlets, I had never seen this place there, but boy am I glad I know about it now. The place has a great modern vibe to it, with ample inside and outside and bar seating, with a modern decoration and as I describe a very “Miami” feel to it.I started with one of my favorite drinks, a Pisco Sour (and just to start a debate, I pose the question if Pisco is Chilean or Peruvian ?) which is made of a combination of Pisco, lime juice, and a egg white foam on the top.

The Pisco Sour was amazing and reminded me of my many trips to Chile, just the right combination. As an appetizer, I got the Tostone Bruschetta, which is a large fried plantain (almost like a large chip) topped with cilantro garlic sauce, tomatoes and onions, avocado and olive oil. What a perfect combination! Absolutely delicious!

For my main dish, I ordered the Bistec a lo Probre. (For future reference, anything a Lo Probre) has a fried egg on top. This massive thin steak and two fried eggs on top, with rice and fried plantains was delicious! When it first came out, I did not think I could finish it all, and although I kept getting full with every bite, I could not stop getting more and more of it.

To finish this delicious lunch, I got the flan. I know I will disappoint a lot of people when I say this, especially those that made flan for me before, but this was the best flan I have ever had. Perfect concistency with the amazing taste of a true flan!

I almost forgot… owner Nikolle, made a special Caipiroska (Caipirinha but with Vodka) for me to try! Considering I have had a few of those, she thought she would put hers to the test, and I must admit that it passed with flying colors, absolutely delicious!

Service was amazing, the food came out fast and servers checked frequently on guests to ensure all was well.If you have not been here, I highly recommend you try.

Work up an appetite by doing some shopping at the outlets and come hungry, because the food is good and plenty!

Felipe approved ✅ (will be back over and over for sure)

Felipe Pereira
Author: Felipe Pereira

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