The Bevy – Review

The family and I spent Saturday morning doing some yard work and when 1PM came around, we were super hungry!

It was time to go out to go grab something to eat, but as always, finding a place that everyone is thrilled about it was not easy. I threw in three options and one of them was The Bevy, which I have been meaning to try for a while.

We got ourselves ready, drove downtown to 12th Avenue South and we were on our way to another ‘linner’ experience!

Once we got to 12th Avenue South, which has plenty of parking, but it was packed, we were lucky to have someone leave at the exact time we were driving right in front of The Bevy! It all pointed to a fantastic time.

We make our way the steps to the host and I can see the beautiful bar and a very open concept tables with couches in the front, without realizing that there were side dinning rooms that are also open and are beautiful looking.

The host sat us at the back on of the dinining room to the right, and whether was coincidence or not, we were in the back end with all the other families with kids. Perhaps they were trying to keep the crying and loud kids in the back, so it did not take away the awesome vibe they have going up in the front of the restaurant.

We sat down, were greeted right away by our server and bread and butter with olives and water were brought right away.

Mama and I both decided to go with the Bevy Punch, which is a delicious cocktail with Malibu coconut, Malibu banana, Malibu mango, Malibu passionfruit, pineapple juice, cranberry juice! Very tropical and delicious and perfect for a hot Naples day!

While we enjoyed the drinks, we got to admire the beautiful dining room area, which has a wall full of plants, which makes it looks fantastic. They opened the roof while we were having our drinks and we got some sunshine in us and while it was warm, the many fans in the dining room kept a nice a cool breeze, which made for a perfect temperature to enjoy drinks and dinner.

My daughter and I got the Meatballs Pomodoro to start, which are 2 large handmade meatballs served with Pomodoro sauce, topped with parmesan cheese. It was so delicious and the perfect appetizer to start with!

For our entrees, I went with the Chicken Curry and White Rice, as I was craving something different! I must confess that I am always a bit hesitant to order Curry, because I am always afraid of being too spicy, but this was just perfect! It was very flavorful and the perfect blend of spices to make delicious and not too spicy where you would not be able to taste anything else. Mama went with the Cacio and Pepe, which is fresh spaghetti with a butter sauce topped with toasted black pepper and Pecorino Cheese. She absolutely loved it! She added the truffle oil and blackened chicken as my suggestion, and it was a perfect combination! The kids got the Mac and Cheese and Chicken Cutlets with fries which I had a bite of each and was delicious! The cutlets were thin and very crispy, and the fries were delicious as well. There was plenty of food and we were so satisfied that we passed on desserts, although there were some really good choices in the menu.

The service was excellent, although we were a bit confused on what was or what was not included in the happy hour when it came time to pay. Often they were giving us water and bread, the server would check on us often and was very very friendly with our kids, which is a big point for us.

Felipe approved ?? (Will return again!)

Felipe Pereira
Author: Felipe Pereira

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