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I must admit that I do not eat nearly as much seafood as I wish I did. That is in part because I am the only one in my family that enjoys seafood, so most of the time I am not enjoying at home, but in a restaurant around town or around the globe.

I did grow up in a coastal area in southern Brazil, where seafood is part of the culture and Brazilians in general eat a lot of seafood, but somehow I have shied away from enjoying seafood. Most of the time I walk by the seafood are at my local supermarket, not only prices are extremely high, the presentation is not always appealing and the seafood does not appear to be fresh. On top of that, I think that even if I purchased and cooked at home, I would be the only one enjoying.

So when Poncho Seafood invited me to their location in Bonita Springs, I thought to myself that I would go visit them and support them as I do, but I most likely would shy away from getting anything as I do in the supermarkets, but boy was I wrong!

As I am in North Naples, a trip to Bonita Springs was not very long and Poncho Seafood was very easy to find on Old 41. Upon arriving, what caught my attention, was how clean and odorless the place was. I have visited a lot of fish markets in different cities and countries, where there is fish leftovers everywhere, blood stains all over the counters and the place smells very very “fishy”. It was not the case at Poncho Seafood at all! The place was immaculate, with the counters cleaning and shining and the seafood very well displayed on the counters.

I proceeded to talk to them about the different types of seafood they offer and how do they source them from. I was informed all the seafood comes in daily from local fisherman and that all is caught in the Gulf of Mexico. If customers request a particular fish from the Northeast of the US as an example, they are able to obtain with prior notice, but mostly are delivered daily from the Gulf of Mexico to Poncho Seafood.

From wild salmon, to grouper, Key West shrimp, oysters, mussels, stone crabs, blue crabs, scallops and other seafood options, you can find it all fresh at Poncho Seafood.

They are also able to steam or smoke some of the seafood and if you would like your fish filleted, they can do that as well.

Be sure to try the homemade sauces and crab meat dip, they are absolutely delicious.

On my visited, I also overheard a customer asking for good crab cakes, as they were from out of town and were never able to find it, and Poncho Seafood sells them frozen straight from Maryland!

As for me, I tried shrimp and for the first time ever, I tried blue stone crab. It was absolutely delicious and I cant wait to dig in to the ones I brought it home!

If you are looking for fresh seafood sold with people with knowledge in the industry, excellent customer service in a clean environment, you ought to visit Poncho Seafood in Bonita Springs.

Felipe Approved ( ?? ) and I will be sure to visit every time I am in the mood for some seafood!

Check out the pictures of some of the seafood they had for sale today!

Felipe Pereira
Author: Felipe Pereira

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