LaMoraga- Mediterranean • Tapas – Review

If you follow me on any of my social media channels, you know it’s not a secret that LaMoraga is one of my favorite restaurants in Naples. I visit the restaurant quite often and post the different dishes and drinks I have tried there.

While I am a firm believer in trying new restaurants, I am also a true believer that if you keep going back to a restaurant that makes you feel good, has delicious food, fantastic service and your overall experience is amazing over and over, you must continue to visit and trying new dishes, and it was exactly what I did yesterday!

Before I get to my food, allow me to share with you the many different things that makes LaMoraga one of my all time favorites.

It all starts with the location! As a stand alone restaurant on 41, in between Downtown Naples and Mercato, LaMoraga has plenty of parking spaces and I like the idea of easily parking my vehicle and being within steps of the restaurant (particularly on rainy days as it was the case when I walked in yesterday!)

Secondly, I like modern feel that LaMoraga has to offer. From a great look building outside, with a nice patio set up, to the amazing open and visible kitchen, the restaurant is nicely decorated with lights and furniture that gives you a feeling that you are no longer in Naples, but in a hip and trendy place out of Miami.

And there is the food… oh the food is just so delicious! A mix of Spanish style tapas with a few twists with Mediterranean dishes, including delicious seafood dishes, there has not been anything I have tried at LaMoraga. All I have tried so far has been absolutely delicious and I would highly recommend.

LaMoraga also has an excellent bar with many cocktails created by the restaurant as well as your typical cocktails, domestic and imported beers both on bottles and on tap as well as an extensive wine list that can pair with any of their meals.

In addition to all of this, LaMoraga has excellent service. From the moment you walk in the door and are greeted by the host, to the waiter and waitresses (bartenders if you choose to sit in the bar area), all are extremely attentive and ensure that all your needs are met. They are also great in providing recommendations if you need it!

By now you are thinking that all of this excellence comes with a very high cost, which is not the case at all! I find that LaMoraga is fairly priced for the quality of food and drinks you are getting and very comparable in terms of prices to other local restaurants offering similar food and service.

Now on to my experience! I joined a friend last night for a few drinks and dinner at LaMoraga. We sat and talked for a while enjoying an Austrian beer currently on tap.

For an appetizers we shared the “Albondigas” which are beef and lamb meatballs in a piquant tomato-red pepper sauce. It was absolutely delicious and make sure if you try you dip the bread served into the sauce, not letting any of it going to waste!

We continued our conversation and our drinks and eventually ordered our dinner.

I went with a special being offered, which was a lobster salad, which contained mixed greens, lobster meat, avocado and mango. What a perfect combination of flavors! I must confess I do not eat lobster very often, but could go back anytime to eat more and more of this lobster salad! So flavorful and just the perfect combination. My friend had the Salmon Caesar which is Scottish salmon over grilled heart of Romaine with shaved parmesan, cherry tomatoes, croutons & a house made Caesar dressing. It looked delicious and it’s on my list of items to try next!

To say I enjoyed my food and experience at LaMoraga again is an understatement. Again and again, I keep returning to this place because of these amazing experiences I have.

To me the complete package of great ambiance, delicious food and excellence service makes LaMoraga one of the best restaurants in Naples!

Felipe Approved! ?? (Over and over!)

Felipe Pereira
Author: Felipe Pereira

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