Island Vybz Jamaican Cuisine – Review

I have been meaning to try Island Vybz since it opened close to my home in North Naples, but timing has just not allowed for it.  Often, my lunches are at home and quick to get right back to work.  But today was going to be the day!  I had been home for a few days and was looking forward to getting out of the house, so I was going to finally be able to check out Island Vybz.

So, I hoped into my car and took the 3-minute drive and parked at the Pebblebrooke Plaza.  For those that do not know where that is, it’s on the corner of Immokalee and Collier Roads, and Island Vybz is to the left of Publix (where Subway used to be)

For those that are not familiar, Island Vybz is a Jamaican restaurant that used to operate in the Coastland Mall, and it serves authentic Jamaican food.

Upon entering the restaurant, I was properly greeted and immediately my eyes were checking out the mural of Jamaican reggae innovator Bob Marley.  All other walls have really cool art, such as the map of Jamaica and famous reggae sayings.

I waited in the small line to order and placed an order of their freshly baked Jerk Chicken patty to start while I waited for my main meal, the Jerk Chicken.

I took my fountain drink and started to devour the Jerk Chicken patty.  So fresh and flaky with the perfect seasoned Jerk Chicken inside.  I considered canceling my meal and ordering another 5 patties but may have been too late.

Not long they called my name, and my Jerk Chicken was served.  Plenty of rice and beans, plantain, cabbage, and chicken of course.  I could have easily shared my food with someone else!  I had them put the Jerk sauce on the side because I was not sure how spicy it was, but ended up using all the sauce, it was just too delicious to not use it all.  As it is the case normally with authentic food, the chicken is bone in and not breast for those wondering.

The food was delicious, and it certainly reminded me of the food I had when my wife and I visited Negril, in Jamaica.  It has just the right kick to it, which did not take away from the flavoring of the food.

From what I understand the oxtail is one of the best sellers there as well.

While I was there, many people came in and out for the Beef/Jerk Chicken patties.  I can certainly see myself stopping by from time to time to grab a few.

The service was absolutely fantastic, with the staff being extremely sweet to all customers.  With that said, this is a place you go in, order your food and your food is given to you on a Styrofoam with plastic utensils, so set your expectations for such.

I am so glad I got to try it and I am sure I will be visiting often.

Felipe approved ( 👍 ) and I recommend you pay a visit soon!

For more info, visit their website at

Check out some of the pictures of my lunch today!


Felipe Pereira
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