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As a family, we always go out on Saturday to run errands and we end up being out around lunch time.

Although we have an extensive list of places to try, many are not open for lunch on Saturdays. As I was thinking of a place for the family to enjoy, Fuse BBQ came to mind, which had been a place I visited during a week day alone recently. My family does not eat a lot of meat, so I had to come up with something to entice them to go. I told them about the delicious Pepperoni Mac and Cheese I had when I visited, and my 6 year old daughter was sold! I told my 2 year old that they had French fries and he was sold on it, and now Mama looked at menu and found some great options.

On this beautiful sunny, yet comfortable Saturday, the four of us sat outside and we were promptly greeted by our server, who brought waters right away as we browsed through the menu.

I had a beer, while the rest of the family stuck with water. For our kids, we order the Pepperoni Mac and Cheese and Fries for my daughter, while we go fries and corn bread for my son. Mama got “The Cab” a chicken sandwich with bacon, blue cheese and avocado that got wows from her as she was biting into it. As I had sold my daughter on the Pepperoni Mac and Cheese, I thought it was only fair to get me one as well, and I got that with the pulled pork. The pulled pork was absolutely delicious, cooked to perfection. I mentioned on my first visit to Fuse BBQ, that one of the cool things they do it’s to bring bottles of their sauces for you to choose from (Memphis Sweet, Hot, Carolina Mustard) and to me that is key, because I like to put sauce on my BBQ but not drench in it, so having the option to control makes me happy!

There was so much food, that we needed a to-go box to bring some home.

Needless to say, the family absolutely loved the food and we had a fantastic time at FUSE BBQ. I even got to introduce the owner, Monika, to the rest of my family, as she came out to greet and spent a few minutes with us.

Highly recommend!

Felipe Approved! ??

Felipe Pereira
Author: Felipe Pereira

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