Dorona Italian Steakhouse – Review

For a long time, I have been meaning to visit Dorona Italian Steakhouse in Naples, but I wanted to ensure that when I did visit was a special moment, where I could truly enjoy the experience of visiting a Modern Italian Steakhouse.

Having two young kids, I knew that as much as I love them, the experience would not be the same if they were with us, so I needed to ensure I had help taking care of the kids, and that my palate was ready for some delicious meal, which I had no trouble getting ready once I visited their website and read their menu.

We made a reservation for an early dinner, as we were coming from a beautiful day with friends on a boat in Marco Island, and right after, the wife and I were to enjoy a lovely date dinner.

Upon arriving at the plaza where Dorona is located (Corner of 41 and Golden Gate, across from the Coastland Mall) we found parking right in front of the restaurant and there was plenty of it.

Being our first time at Dorona, we were not sure what to expect, and I must confess by looking at the building outside, one would not imagine that the inside would be so different. As we walked in, we got a glimpse of how beautiful and modern the restaurant is inside and we were looking forward to learning more about it and exploring the different areas available in the restaurant.

We were greeted by the host and the manager Tom, who showed us to our table. Tom came over and introduced himself, presented us with his card and went over the specials, with our server Andre coming right after and explaining the menu further and taking our drink orders. I got glimpse of the “Carnivoro Platter”, a platter of different meat cuts and decided to stick with water as I knew there would be a lot of food coming if I chose that plate, while the wife went with a glass of prosecco. We were offered warm bread and butter and our drinks came right away.

Before we ordered our food, we got learn the options from the Steak Programs and learn about the different types of cuts available at Dorona (Watch brief video for further details.)

It was time to order our meals and the wife went with Arancini as an appetizer and the Spaghettini Carbonara while I could not pass on the Carnivoro Platter, a platter showcasing 5 different grilled meats about 2-3oz each including Dry Aged Beef, Wagyu beef, Venison, Lamb and Elk. All of those cuts are accompanied by Burrata mash potato. It was also suggested by out waiter on how the meat should be cooked for the best taste possible.

It was not long until our appetizers were on table, and I say appetizers, because our server Andre took the liberty to bring us something in addition to the Arancini. While the wife enjoyed are Arancini, which I had a bite and it was delicious, with the perfect seasoned rice inside, I tried stuffed large olives with Wagyu ground beef in them and breaded and fried. It was absolutely delicious and I ended up eating all of them! Highly recommended!

It was not long before our dinner was on the table, and I got to see close and personal my Carnivoro Platter. I dug in right away and while I was offered a steak knife, I must tell you that the meat was so soft and delicious that even a dull butter knife could cut it. It was absolutely delicious, with the perfect amount of seasoning, not taking away from the flavor of all of the cuts. The Burrata mash potato was the perfect compliment to the different cuts! It is hard to decide which one out of the five cuts was my favorite, as they were all so delicious! We were also offered the veal osso buco raviolis, which were amazingly delicious, blending a perfect combination of pasta and meat! The wife had her Spaghetini Carbonara and said it was delicious, I was so into my meal that I did not even tried hers, but I trust her feedback!

We finished up with two delicious dessert, while I had the Tiramisu, which was delicious as you would expect from an Italian restaurant, the wife had the Steakhouse Sundae.

We got to speak with Tom one more time before we left, who told us about all the different events they have at Dorona, including James Dean tributes, Frank Sinatra tribute, Saturday Brunches and also plenty of available areas for private events.

We took a tour around the restaurant and I took some pictures of this awesome restaurant that I highly recommend you visit it! Check out some of the pictures of our experience!

Felipe Approved! ?? (Wife loved it as well and we will be back for sure!)

Dorona Modern Italian Steakhouse

2110 Tamiami Trail NORTH
Naples, FL 34102
Felipe Pereira
Author: Felipe Pereira

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